July 17th, 2011

10 Things I’ve Learned by Working in the Bike Industry

I’ve been in the fitness/outdoor/cycling industry for about 5 years now.  The last 3 years have been spent in the cycling industry.  I learn so much about myself every day in this world, and so much of what I learn could be applied to every aspect of life, not just cycling.  So this morning I decided to share a few tidbits of what I have learned with you guys.  Enjoy!

10.  Lighter does not necessarily mean better.  This is not exclusive to bikes.

9.  Flashier also does not necessarily mean better.  Again, not exclusive to bikes.

8.  Drink lots of water.  All the time, not just when riding.  Hydration is key to a better life, and less calf cramps.

7.  Beer is not a replacement for water, but used in conjunction, can be key in helping you get through a big ride with a smile still on your face.  And the vision of a cold pint can help you get over that big climb.

6.  There is always more to learn.  Always.  Bike technology is constantly evolving, so you have to stay on your toes, and keep up with the internets.  Once again, this philosophy is not just applicable to bikes.  Keep your mind open at all times and you will be surprised how much you can learn.

5.  Spend money where it matters.  Things that you use every day are well worth the investment.  This can apply to everything from cassettes to bibs to underwear to coffee.  Your initial investment will pay off very quickly. 

4.  If you break things often (and you know who you are, klutzy-mcgee) don’t buy carbon (or expensive dishware, for that matter).  Just don’t.  Titanium is your friend.

3.  No one gives a fuck who you know.  Really.  I promise.  You might have Eddy Merckx, Greg Lemond, Lance Armstrong, Bernard Hinault and Mark Cavendish on your speed dial….but that doesn’t make you any more intelligent or fun to be around.  Name dropping just makes you look like a brown-noser without your own personality.

2.  On that same note, your knowledge, helpfulness and willingness to learn are some of the most important traits in this industry.  Keep up with the news, keep up a positive attitude, and keep your wide-eyed initiative.  Just be genuine, and people will be impressed with your honesty.

1.  It’s going to be hard.  It’s an uphill battle every day to be taken seriously in this world, especially as a young woman.  But the rewards are 100% worth it.  I wouldn’t trade my career choice (or my gender) for anything. 

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